United Water Works

Civil drainage contractors and innovative mechanical design-build contractors

About Our Company

Through our commitment to delivering high-quality projects, we aim to exceed expectations and provide a service that will endure past its completion.

United Water Works is a subsidiary of Kerry Drainage & Civil and Guaranteed Flow Systems and brings together the expertise of both companies in one entity.

This joining of Auckland’s most experienced and capable civil drainage contractors with an innovative mechanical design-build contractor gives United Water Works a proven track record as well as an exciting forward trajectory.

Together our expertise is in piping infrastructure for live treatment facilities and transmission water, and wastewater treatment systems, as well as all aspects of underground drainage and water infrastructure.


Mechanical Fabrication
& Installation

Micro-Tunneling &
Directional Drilling

Stormwater, Wastewater
& Water


Earthworks, Pavements
& Concrete

Stream Works
& Erosion Mitigation


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There is no job too complex or too large for United Water Works.

United Water Works Auckland - Watermain works & civil works

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